Queens International 2016

4/9/16 - 7/31/16


An atrium-based installation of sculpture and video art titled "Hi Mom, Hi Dad, It's Me Again" with two different activations: on weekdays, a purposefully minimal sculpture presentation, on weekends, an actual living room for viewers to hang out in with mannequins dressed in Dap's parent's clothes from 1983 that speak when a button is pushed about various remembrances from their early years in America. The video presentation is a home video megamixxx interspersed with period commercials from late 80s-early 90s NYC. The home video console debut of our expanded fighting game "Yo Fight My Mans" (featuring Despot, Dap, A-Ron, Venus X, Caroline Polachek, etc.) was made fully playable on multiple television screens.

The show was presented in conjunction with a Chillin Island concert streamed live on the Know-Wave radio network.